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  • The pipe-clay tiles were infernally cold after the warm wash-house attic, and Skif clenched his teeth together to keep them from chattering.
  • Small though the craft was compared to the mountainous ship he'd first seen hovering motionless in a storm-sick sky, it was still bigger than any mobile object these natives had ever seen before, and he barked a bitter, humorless laugh. He has turned aside from the ways of Nuggan and embraced Ankh-Morpork's godlessn- godawful-ness.

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  • She marveled at it all, even as it made her shudder.

  • What had Oregon said about the hamster when we'd been talking outside number one lab yesterday?
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  • There were muddy spots on the street, overturned containers of water. The Captain's lips pursed and clear notes rang on the air.