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A specialized speleologist, he knew these corridors the way his tongue knew his teeth; he had been finding his way through them in utter blackness twice a day for years. The banner, which crackled in the wind from the ship's mast, was now halfway down the staff. sea --Cho's voice grew stronger with each word our heritage from ancient days, open now for these, your sons.

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    Even at fifteen, her face had begun to take on a young woman's contours. She mustered a smile and knelt down to face her young daughter.

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  • Apparently those rumors about DS9 were true-a Jem'Hadar ship did attack the station, and now the entire Alpha Quadrant's at yellow alert. Funny no other Sphere ever thought of this simple expedient: ask the local animals.
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    My current orbital position doesn't allow optimum observation, but I can't locate any turbulence in your wake. But since Varaconn's death she has avoided all talk of prophecies.

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    I pointed out that your death would mean the loss of billions of dollars in Moose County. There are a great many things about his background, and his motives, that remain the subject of an ongoing investigation.

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