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  • Since the first-brain's activities concentrated on perceptions related to information gathering and efficient performance in whatever job had been assigned the individual Cylon at the maturity ceremony, only the simple interpretive powers were implanted in it. He would if he could, but he took a nerve-disruptor bolt, once.
  • It was only Rap's own mind trying to make sense of the inconceivable, but the image was enough to chill him to the marrow.

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    Surely, somewhere in Texas, there's a woman who'd do it just for him. Without him, human technology could very easily catch up with the fairy brand.

  • Never thought there would be a murder in this out-of-the-world spot.
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    Even the Petrograd Soviet, taken unawares, might at the rst failure lose its still unstable Bolshevik majority. The only positive in this personal cloud of negative emotions was Shirla's closeness.

    And I wanted to ask you if we get a choice I'd like to be on your team.